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Here you’ll find stuff that’s been happening recently (or going to happen) with the blog! You also might find some member updates, and other LEGO-related news.


Easier Subscription Process (5/23/18)

We’ve updated the Subscription system on the Get Started page. Now, instead of waiting up to 24 hours for a Brick Studdy Moderator to email you to set up your first monthly payment, you can immediately go to PayPal and submit your payment there. You might still have to wait until your benefits kick in.

BrickStuddy YouTube! (10/30/17)’s YouTube channel is starting to take off! After the first video was posted last year, popularity for the channel has grown. Now we’re posting more videos. Unfortunately, we didn’t post anything about the channel here on the website, so here it is: BrickStuddy YouTube

Old Sites Now Inactive (3/31/17) is almost 1 year old! The website domain will be renewed on April 26th. Concurrently, the previous versions of the site ( and are no longer necessary, and have been deleted. is now the only site in the family.

New Store and Subscriptions! (9/16/16)

A lot has happened over the weekend! now has a Bricklink store, where we have posted some brand new LEGO sets at great discounts. Also, we have a new ‘Get Started‘ page where new users can find information on how to get their MOCs featured on the site, and become a Builder….Read More

Retirement of Schedule (9/13/16)

Toward the end of June or early July, our limited staff was unable to maintain the schedule of weekly LEGO Set Highlights, weekly MOC Highlights, and weekly Quick-Brick Fun Facts, as some fans may have noticed. Now, officially, we have dissolved the schedule and now will post random LEGO Set Highlights and Quick-Brick Fun Facts independently of a weekly basis. We will continue in this manner until we can acquire more staff members, and decide whether or not to resume the weekly schedule.

LEGO Ideas Top 50 List is Dead (9/8/16)

Following the drastic changes to the LEGO Ideas website on September 8th, the Elite 50 page has been shut down, because has their own list now. Speculation is that LEGO Ideas saw the interest in the Elite 50 list here on, and decided to follow suit. With this new feature on the website, the Elite 50 List is extraneous and no longer necessary.

New Public LEGO Ideas Forum (8/12/16)

There is a brand new forum on the Forums page exclusively for users of LEGO Ideas who want to talk with their friends and don’t want to clutter up the comment sections on projects. The moderators on the LEGO Ideas site have been more busy than they used to, cleaning up projects when users leave many comments. So this forum has been created to releave the moderators and help out. You can visit the new forum here.

LEGO Ideas Top 50 List (7/25/16)

The team at have put together a unique list of the top 50 users (in Clutch Power Points) from On the LEGO Ideas website, only the top 10 users are visible; but with this new ‘Elite 50’ list, LEGO Ideas users are able to see a larger leaderboard. There is a whole new page devoted to the Elite 50 List, found here, and on the menu bar at the top of the BrickStuddy site pages.

Forums Page (4/30/16)

What started out as a simple collaborative building project turned into a brand-new Forums Page! Collaborators, teams, co-workers, and friends can go there to chat in a private, or public, environment. We already have 5 new private forums started by 10 different users! If you want your own forum, visit the page or go to Contact Us.

Welcome Page & Contact Us Page (4/27/16)

The Welcome page has new stuff added to it! There’s a Creation of the Week, Quick-Brick Fun Fact of the Week, the latest Update, and (coming soon) LEGO Set of the Week. The new Quick-Brick Fun Fact is a new feature completely, as it has interesting facts about The LEGO Group, LEGO parts, and more….Read More

New Site! (again) (4/27/16)

Due to the potential legal problems faced by the LEGO Nerd Blog (as mentioned in a previous update), the blog has been transferred to:! The blog has its own domain, dropping the cumbersome “wordpress” word out of every single page and post….Read More

Potential Legal Problems? (4/25/16)

It has been brought to our attention that the name of the blog, LEGO Nerd Blog, could bring us down, as it includes the word ‘LEGO’, the name of the company around which this blog is based! Though there is a disclaimer on the home page, legal problems could arise if there is any monetary flow through this site. For now, we have to postpone all new content until we have sorted this out….Read More

Builders Page (4/22/16)

Recently, the LEGO Nerd Blog has been featuring more and more MOCs from a variety of builders; each of whom have a bio on the former Members page. Some of them, however, are not “members” per se, but do indeed contribute their MOCs. So now, the Members page has been renamed the Builders page, and will feature the same bios as before.

Spiked Stats (4/15/16)

Over the last several days, the blog has experienced an increased number of visitors and views; the week started with under 100 views, but by today we have well over 800 views from over 100 visitors from 17 different countries around the world! Thanks to everyone who has checked out the blog! Here’s some statisical images….Read More

Old Site Shutdown (4/5/16)

The old site is officially going to shut down November 24th, 2016. The home page is now a static page, on which is information leading previous viewers here. The MOCs linked from Brickster_Tim’s LEGO Ideas Projects still remain on individual posts….Read More

New Site! (4/2/16)

As mentioned before on an update on the old LEGO Nerd 98 site, the site is now switched to this one. All of the great content there is now available here, with a few new things….Read More

Site Renovation! (3/25/16)

We’ve added 4 pages to the website, as you’ve probably already seen. There’s a Welcome page, MOCs page, Tips & Tricks, and (of course) updates. I’ve been playing around with web formats lately, and haven’t quite found the right one to accommodate this new adjustment….Read More