Here you will find the self-written biographies of all the LEGO fans responsible for the amazing content on the blog.

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“Crazy about LEGO!”

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“I am a 14-year-old homeschooled TFOL who loves building MOCs! I’m also an actor who performs at the Boys and Girls Club of Soughegan Valley. Parts in my performances at the BGC are ‘The Wizard of Oz’ (I played the Emerald City guard), and ‘Aladdin’ were I played the part of Razuel. I’m also a big fan of LOTR, The Hobbit, and Star wars. My favorite band is Twenty-One Pilots.”


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(Site Administrator) (Master Builder)

“Ever since I received my first LEGO set at age 3, I have been hooked. I began building MOCs in 2009 mainly for Lego competitions, and in 2010 I started collecting sets and parts more seriously. When I heard about LEGO Cuusoo in 2014, I decided to use my skills and collection to begin designing potential Lego products; my dream is to see some of them on store shelves someday, and maybe eventually work as a designer for The LEGO Group. In the meantime, I am a college student in Texas, U.S. working on my engineering degree. While college life leaves little room for intense MOC building and a budget leaves little money for intense LEGO collecting, I still love maintaining this blog and sharing my creations and experience with LEGO Nerds like me.”

Team: Stud Nerd Engineering

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(no bio)

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“Human, Artist, Swindler, Random Guy. (And wanna be writer)
I am a humanoid male with two arms, as well as a head.
Also I’m batman. I’m not delusional, I’m Batman.”

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“I am a biomedical laboratory technician with a passion for music and LEGO construction; the latter in fact has always fascinated me for the incredible possibilities of combination. Among my personal collection is the whole series of LEGO Star Wars and some Creator models. I participate in the LEGO Ideas program.”

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Enthusiastic LEGO builder

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Web developer, illustrator and a passionate LEGO builder.


“I’ve built a few large projects, blogged about at, but my latest project is 3x the size and I gave him his own blog at I was interested in LEGO as a kid, but, as many do, life intervened for a while. My wife and I both have been building bigger Lego models for several years now, one every couple years or so. We both love sci-fi, fantasy and read a ton.”


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“I’m married with a teenage son who is the reason why I’m an AFOL, when he was 8 Lego was his thing and dad got bitten by the Lego bug again after 30 plus years – my dark times as we AFOL’s call it. I have spent the last almost 30 years in electronics and the last 12 running my own business (plus almost 17 years of marriage). So my Lego passion has been back now for six years and I have been designing MOC’s for over five years.”


(Site Editor)

LEGO and truck enthusiast.

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LEGO aficionado and MOC collector. Professional App Developer and CTO

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First of all I’m a homeschooled Christian and love Jesus with my whole heart.

Second of all a TFOL who builds mostly Lego City, Space, and modulars. I enjoy dancing, drama, studying space, and baseball. I mostly build my sets with LEGO Digital Designer. My username is smileyguy because I prefer to buy classic sets that have minifigures with the original grin. My whole goal on LEGO Ideas is to become the youngest person to enter the 10K club.

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