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Featured MOC

BrickTop PC

Introducing the BrickTop PC, the latest masterpiece in Brickster_Tim’s popular NerdTech Series! Created solely as a LEGO Ideas project, this brick-built laptop is the sleekest, smoothest, and one of the most realistic laptops on the site. It is constructed with over 900 bricks, and is 23.6 studs x 33 1/6 studs x 9 1/6 bricks, and weighs only 1.46 lbs….Read More

Latest Building Technique

LEGO Teddy Bear!

Remember this adorable thing? Yep, it sits atop Brickster_Tim’s Modular Toy Shop! Now you can build the crown jewel of his most popular LEGO Ideas project. In this complete, detailed video tutorial, find out how you can also make a cute little buddy of your own….Read More

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Latest Update

Shutting Down Store (9/12/18)

Unfortunately, I don’t have time or the resources right now to maintain the store, so I’ve had to shut it down. All of the listings have been removed on Bricklink and eBay, and the Master Builder membership is no longer available (since we can’t give out coupons). Sorry about all this.

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