Building Tips & Tricks

LegoNerdBlogBuildingLogo(2).lxfHere are tips and techniques brick builders have learned and developed over the years. Do you have a building technique you want to share, and see right here? See the Contact Us page for more information!


Tips & Tricks 11: LEGO Teddy Bear!

Remember this adorable thing? Yep, it sits atop Brickster_Tim’s Modular Toy Shop! Now you can build the crown jewel of his most popular LEGO Ideas project. In this complete, detailed video tutorial, find out how you can also make a cute little buddy of your own….Read More

Tips & Tricks 10: Build a BrickPhone!

You’ve seen the BrickPhone…it’s amazing! One of Brickster_Tim’s most famous MOCs. You’ve been asking for a tutorial for a long time, and it’s finally here! You can now build your own LEGO smartphone. In this video is a complete tutorial for you to learn how to craft this classic creation….Read More

Tips & Tricks 9: LEGO Cube

Wanna build a LEGO Cube without having to buy those expensive dice bricks? Just use everyday pieces you already have! In this video you’ll find a complete tutorial on how to build a light, sturdy, customizable cube for anything you want….Read More

Tips & Tricks 8: Markdown on LEGO Ideas

LEGO Ideas ( is a fantastic website in which LEGO fans can submit their LEGO creations and have them voted on, and potentially be made into an actual LEGO sets. There are many wonderful things about the website, but there are some things which are annoyances to devoted users. One of these is the limited functionality of commenting on projects….Read More

Tips & Tricks 7: Rendering (LDD Tricks Part 3)

This is the 3rd in a 3-part series of tips regarding LEGO Digitial Designer. If you’ve ever built something really good on LDD, you’ve wanted to take a nice picture of it. But, the screenshot tool on LDD (ctrl+K) is pretty poor: though it removes the grid, the quality of the bricks stays the same and looks rigid and unrealistic. It turns out, you can easily render your LDD creation to make it look real and clean! Here’s how….Read More

Tips & Tricks 6: Custom Decals (LDD Tricks Part 2)

This is the second in the 3 part series about LEGO Digital Designer (LDD). Have you ever wanted to put your own unique sticker on a virtual brick in LDD? Now’s your chance! The BrickPhone 2.1, the BrickWatch, and the BrickTab 1.0 have many custom decorations on their parts. You can now do the same, with this trick….Read More

Tips & Tricks 5: Theme Access (LDD Tricks Part 1)

This is the first of a series of 3 tips regarding LEGO Digital Designer (LDD) and how to expand your knowledge and ability with this program. For those who remember, the early versions of LDD had a very limited part selection. The latest version, v4.3.9, has many new parts in the LDD Extended theme. But there are some who prefer to use the standard LDD theme to build, and are stuck with a small parts selection. This is for you….Read More

Tips & Trick 4: The Hidden Stud on a Tile

The Tile piece is among the most popular of the decorative parts. It comes in all shapes and sizes, and has been the palette for many a sticker or printed detail over the years. When it comes to versatility however, the tile is pretty limited; because the one characteristic that is maintained throughout all of the tiles is NO STUDS. But wait: there is one and only one tile that stands out from this qualification….Read More

Tips & Tricks 3: Sorting Pieces

Any MOC builder at any level wants to organize their parts. Many builders organize by color, which is a great idea if you know exactly what parts you have. It’s also a good idea if you want to reassemble LEGO sets. But if you have a large collection of assorted parts, you need a more efficient way to organize your pieces….Read More

Tips & Tricks 2: Pin-hole Brick Trick

What’s the brick with the smallest angle? If you know your LEGO, you would say the 2×4 Slope Brick w/ 18° angle. Then you might add that it’s pretty hard to build a smaller angle than that, without using clip & bar pieces, and a bunch of other parts to stabilize it. What if you found a simple, stable way to make a 12° angle? Well, you just did! Here’s how….Read More

Tips & Tricks 1: Wall Styling…with car fenders?

On the Modular Toy Shop MOC, you may spot wall detailing on the front, that features car fender pieces. It also has a couple of 1×1 with clip on top pieces, right in between the mirrored fenders. So how does that work? Let’s walk through it….Read More