MOC: BrickPhone 2.1

Everyone has a smartphone; but who do you know has a BrickPhone? Introducing: the BrickPhone 2.1!

A newer version of the popular BrickPhone, this edition is much sleeker, with new features: it is larger, more sturdy, much easier to customize, and has lots of options! The phone itself is composed of 69 pieces, but the whole set includes 2 backing plates, 40 colorful tiles and 16 custom-printed apps! The 16 custom prints all look deceptively similar to real apps. It also retains the classic features of the original, such as a primary button, a power button, 2 cameras, customizable backing, and volume buttons on the side.

The new phone corrects the failures of the first, including the ugly and blocky app design, the difficulty in customization, the small size, the unrealistic primary button, and (worst of all) the tendency for the screen to fall out. Now you have a larger round button, better design, and rounded corners. With a cool grey color scheme and super realistic design, this is a LEGO set that is fun to build, play with, or simply display. It’s light, cheap, and (the best part) doesn’t run out of battery!

The dimensions of the phone are 11.12  x 7.30 x 1.09 in centimeters which is 14 x 9.2 x 3.5 in studs.

MOC by Brickster_Tim


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