MOC: BrickWatch 1.0

You have the BrickPhone┬áin your pocket, and the BrickTab in your bag…what’s next? You have the brand new BrickWatch 1.0!

As the third device in the NerdTech Series, the BrickWatch lives up to its brick-built companions. This smartwatch set has multiple features: its screen is fully customizable, it has dozens of band links to lengthen or shorten the wristband to accommodate anyone, 3 buttons, 19 app tiles, a 1×2 clock, and 2 brand new 2×2 clock faces, plus the standard colorful tiles. Its small but efficient size makes it easy to carry around. It’s “light, cheap, and doesn’t run out of battery!”

The watch itself is 5.2 x 7.2 x 2 1/3 in bricks with a 4×6 screen, and is constructed out of only 33 pieces. The entire set is 125 pieces, with 50 watchband pieces, 19 custom 1×1 “app” tiles, 2 custom 2×2 “clock” tiles, a 1×2 “clock” tile, and 20 colorful tiles for your own unique customization.

MOC by Brickster_Tim