Quick-Brick Fun Fact 4

Did you know…?

The first ever LEGOLAND Park was opened in Billund, Denmark (The LEGO Group’s natal country) on June 7th, 1968. Back then, it encompassed an area equalling 14 acres; but now, it has expanded to 45 acres with dozens more rides and attractions, all divided into 9 themed areas.┬áThe second LEGOLAND Park was opened in Windsor, UK almost 30 years later; and was followed by the first USA park in California, opening only 3 years afterward. Now, there are 6 open LEGOLAND parks (including Germany, Florida USA, and Malaysia), with four more planned for the future (Dubai, Korea, Japan, and Shanghai)!

Quick-Brick Fun Fact 1

Did you know…?

In 1949, only two years after The LEGO Group started making they first plastic toys, The LEGO Group started producing “Automatic Binding Bricks”, 9 years before they would produce┬áthe LEGO Brick we have today. The Binding Bricks had tiny slots on the sides, and no tubes on the bottom.