MOC: Rumble at the Ruin

In a futuristic ruined world, a group of creepy marauders, in impractical gas guzzling war machines, attack a ruined building…

Fire the cannons on The Wrecker at the ruin, blast stuff with the cannons on the motorcycle, eat all the food in the fridge in the ruined building, fight off the marauders, and graduate college… Two of these have nothing to do with the set…

This set features a large tank car (‘The Wrecker’),  huge flaming motorcycle, ruined building, cannon, and 9 minifigures (5 marauders, 4 survivors).

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MOC by FatTroll


MOC: Bonsai Tree

“This is my Lego bonsai tree, I started building this when I was tinkering with some Lego foliage parts. I made the top of the tree and then came the trunk and the pot. I built it with as much detail as I could while still keeping it at a small size.” – Brickhunter14

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