MOC: Modular Toy Shop

So far, the children in your Modular City have had to settle for the limited toy selection in the Grand Emporium. But now, they can have all the toys they need when you stop by the beautiful Modular Toy Shop! Step through the revolving door under the colorful brick-built sign and go inside to check out all the amazing options! Continue reading


MOC: Ancient Chima Stronghold

This is the ultimate Chima fortress: the Ancient Chima Stronghold! With eight minifigures, Eagle and Raven Scout Flyers, Wolf and Croc Bikes, and Gorilla Tank, this octagonal mountain fortress features underground protected Chi cache with vehicle garage, opening Chi-powered portcullis, working elevator, firing turrets, weapons rack, and more! Continue reading

MOC: “Scorpy”

“Here is a monster I created way back in 2009 for a LEGO creature contest. With a body suspiciously similar to the Bionicle Fenrakk (Lego set #8764), this fearsome scorpion carries giant pincers, 8 pointed legs, stinger, and an intimidating face. This creation marks the real beginning of my habit of taking pictures of my creations.” – Brickster_Tim

MOC by Brickster_Tim