Quick-Brick Fun Fact 3

Did you know…?

When The LEGO Group started producing plastic bricks in 1949, they were composed of cellulose acetate; 14 years later, the material was replaced with a plastic called acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, or ‘ABS’. The new substance was non-toxic, more absorbent of color, less susceptible to warping, more chemically resistant and heat resistant, and easier to mold into bricks than the previous plastic. The LEGO Group has been producing ABS pieces ever since.

Quick-Brick Fun Fact 1

Did you know…?

In 1949, only two years after The LEGO Group started making they first plastic toys, The LEGO Group started producing “Automatic Binding Bricks”, 9 years before they would produce the LEGO Brick we have today. The Binding Bricks had tiny slots on the sides, and no tubes on the bottom.