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14,920 thoughts on “Public LEGO Ideas Forum

  1. I see you saw my insta post about my new turtle! πŸ˜€
    I thought that was the easiest way for you to see him! I spent pretty much the whole day yesterday setting things up for him. I got a big aquarium in the garage that he sleeps in at night, but during the day, he gets to go outside! I fixed up Puddle Duck’s old pen for him, got her old kiddie pool out and he absolutely loves it! I put some sand down in the bottom and piled some up in the center where I put a big flat rock on it. I found out that he’s aquatic, so he spends most of his time underwater but they like to come out onto a flat surface sometimes, that’s called basking and I saw a wet trail on the rock when I checked on him yesterday afternoon so I know he used it.
    Idk where he came from, but I found out that he’s a Red Ear Slider. He’s not native in my state, in fact they consider him an invasive species in the wild here, so it probably wouldn’t have gone well if we had taken him to the wildlife rescue place. Red Ear Sliders are the most common pet species of turtle, so he could’ve been someone pet at one time. No one around us has any ponds and our backyard is enclosed, so I’m pretty sure a predatory bird dropped him in our backyard. He was there for at least 2-3 days before Felix found him, I heard some rustling in a pile of leaves a few days back in the area of the yard we found him. With as hot as it’s been here lately, he’s very lucky to be alive. He’s been less shy today when he sees me, so hopefully that means he’s getting used to seeing me and feeling more relaxed πŸ˜€ I’m reading up on turtles as fast as I can, I’m learning new stuff all the time!


    • Yes, your turtle is very lucky that he ended up with you! We used to have huge snapping turtles lay their eggs in our yard, but not since the brook dried up. I once found a baby one in our barn ~ it was the size of a quarter and at first I thought it was a plastic toy, until it moved! πŸ˜€
      Have you named him yet? ‘Lucky’ would be appropriate seeing as how fortunate he was!
      We’re having a heatwave here ~ supposed to reach the triple digits tomorrow. Finally put the air conditioner in the bedroom window, to make sleeping more comfortable.
      Well, I hope you’re able to deal with the heat ~ your area has been really hot for so long!
      Have a great weekend, Twiggy!


  2. I don’t know how lucky he is anymore, he got out of his pen and I can’t find him. I haven’t given up hope though, I’ve been looking all over for him and hopefully I’ll come across him. Turtles like to bask in the sun, that’s how Felix found him, so maybe he’ll come out of hiding and we’ll find him.


    • oh no! I hope you find him soon! He does need water to survive. Keep looking and hopefully he’ll come out of hiding. πŸ™‚


  3. The weather guy said yesterday should be our last triple digit weather hopefully for the year and I couldn’t be happier about that! It’s been 110 or hotter for so many days, it was getting so tiring. The drought is really taking a toll on all the plants and trees, our trees have lost almost all of their leaves and I’m worried that they’re going to die. We’ve got a tub of water for the deer, which I’ve seen them drinking out of, it’s so heart warming especially when you see the baby deer drinking out of it. We almost put down a bowl of water for the smaller ground animals and birds, we have a family of quail that frequents it quite often.
    On a brighter note, I finally got some safety eyes and finished a crochet project yesterday! I’ll put the link down below, I put the pic in with that same file folder, but you’ll know instantly which one it is πŸ˜€ I’m having so much fun crocheting, it’s just a matter of finding projects to do though. I’ve been finding free ones on YT, which have been great, the crochet books for projects cost so much!
    I’ve gotten a great start on getting those CMF series 23 minifigs! I ordered 11 and I did quite well with them. I got 7 and only 4 doubles: Werewolf, Turkey guy, Popcorn guy, Reindeer girl, sugar plum fairy, Nutcracker and the girl Knight. The sad thing is though, the two I wanted most, I didn’t get yet. I really want that elf girl I know she’d fit in the village, in Santa’s Workshop and I really, really need to get the Snowman! When I first saw the pics of these minifigs, I got the idea of building a Ice Cream Kiosk for the Snowman, so I’m really hoping I’ll get him, I’ve order 3 more the other night.
    Lego is testing out something so cool, they were offering customizable minifigs! It was in beta phase, which means they’re testing it out to see what bugs there are and if they’re going to do this permanently. I ordered one for my sig fig, I made this really cool torso! I wanted a sport jersey feel, so it has red bands on the shoulders, gives a baseball feel, and on the back it has my username, with the numbers in a sport looking font. On the front, I have a pizza logo, I had to have that since I love pizza so much! You get to pick an accessory to go with it and I already had everything but the blue bird, which I’ve been wanting for awhile, so that was great to get it! They didn’t have a lot of choices of legs, heads and hairs, but I’m going to swap those out anyways, so I’m just thinking that those as extras. It was really reasonably priced imo, only $12, which for something that customizable is not bad at all! They shut it down yesterday, but I hope they decide to keep doing that, I’d really would like to make some more custom torsos for my sig fig! πŸ˜€
    I haven’t heard any rumors of what the new Creator seasonal set is going to be, only one that it’s going to have the largest piece count for one of these yet, at just over 1500 pieces! It’s been driving me crazy wondering what it’s going to be, seems like everything got leaked but that πŸ˜€ I don’t know if I told you, but I got the Elf Clubhouse and Santa’s Visit sets this summer to add to the village this year!
    I hope you and yours are happy and doing great! Stay safe Catz


    • I saw it! You’re really into crochet! It’s as cute as your critters are, out of Lego!
      My weather has been rainy ~ it’s supposed to rain all day!
      I’m glad yours is going to get cooler! The heat has been rough on all the plants and animals, and it’s nice of you to put water down for them.
      I got an email from Lego saying that they are bringing back the Test Lab ~ by invitation only! Did you get an invite? I did not! The Test Lab was so much fun!
      Your custom sig fig sounds great! When it arrives, please show me!
      I hope you can get the CMFs that you need to make the Village this year!
      Stay healthy and happy, Twiggy!


  4. I sadly didn’t get an invite, but I would have thought what were they think if they did though. They’re testing a new digital building format and since I don’t really build digitally I wouldn’t have had much to contribute.
    I really am enjoying crocheting, especially with darkness coming earlier everyday. I’ve been working on several projects, which I’ve finished one yesterday. It’s an Olaf toy and I’m really happy with the way it turned, it actually can sit up alone without having to be propped up! I added it to the crochet folder for you to see πŸ˜€
    I see they released the info about the new Holiday Creator set! I’m really not sure how I feel about it, the trolley is defs so cool! You can even motorize it, but sadly I only have enough power functions to do that to the train. The buildings though, they’re so shallow in depth, they’re so different than what’s been out before. They almost have that cardboard cutout stage sort of feel to them, I would have love to have see them a little bit deeper, maybe so there could be more detailing on the sides of the buildings. The good part about them being not very deep, I’d probably be able to fit them into the village easier, just over the other side of the tracks against the wall.
    I ordered 3 more holiday CMFs and I got the snowman!! I actually got two of them, so I’m relieved that I’ll be able to have him for the new ice cream kiosk! All I need to get now is that girl elf, which is 2nd on my really want list πŸ˜€ She’d go great in the Santa’s Workshop section, oh and I got that elf clubhouse so she could go there too!
    We got that rain, about an inch according to the weather guy, which is great! Hopefully that’s just the start of the rain and we’ll be getting more soon. I’ve been seeing on the TV all the news about hurricane Ian that’s hitting Florida. I’ve got two friends that live in Florida, one that’s in Central FL, and the other one lives in South FL which I haven’t heard from since before the storm hit. I’m sure they’ll both be okay, but the news makes it sound so scary I can’t help myself to be worried for them.
    I hope everything’s been going great your way, that you and yours are both safe and ahppy! Have you been doing any new art projects? With halloween approaching, I hope you’ll be doing some really cool pumpkin carvings again!


  5. I found a really cool pattern for Converse Sneaker slippers! I made two of them, by accident actually πŸ˜€ I made the blue pair first, but they were too large, apparently the 8-9 size pattern was most likely a men’s size. So I made the pink pair the next size down to see how those fit and the fit perfectly! I really liked that blue pair though, so I went and redid them, resizing them to the smaller size πŸ˜€


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