Info, Instructions, and Requirements

When you sign up to become a Master Builder, you are joining a higher class of MOC builders on Needless to say, you’ll have some requirements you’ll have to follow so that all of us can have a safe, fun, and stress-free environment.

Instructions for posting your creations:

Text must have proper English grammar. If English is not your primary language, just try your best. We’ll come along behind you to make sure everything is okay. At the bottom of the text, make sure everyone knows you built it by adding ‘MOC by *NAME*’ and inserting your name.

Text must not include:


*Sexual Reference

*Current Controversial Issues

*Drug Reference

*Religious Views or Opinions

Upload a featured image on the left side; this will be the image that shows up first on all the MOC pages. Then, go the ‘Add Media’ button on the top left of the editing pane to add additional photos, and insert them at the bottom of your post, after the signature.

Clear images are preferred. If your model is built using LEGO Digital Designer, it must be rendered. Refer to this tutorial to learn how.

Make sure the ‘Category’ section on the left side of the screen is marked as ‘MOCs’.  You can also enter as many tags as you like, just as long as your username is one of the tags.

That’s it! Once your post is up, we’ll work on creating a MOC page for you, where people can find all of the MOCs you’ve posted on