Update: New Site! (again)

Due to the potential legal problems faced by the LEGO Nerd Blog (as mentioned in a previous update), the blog has been transferred to: BrickStuddy.com! The blog has its own domain, dropping the cumbersome “wordpress” word out of every single page and post. This name should be worry-free and easy to remember. All of the same great content is here; check it out via the page links above, the search bar, the category list, and more! Thank you all very much for your patience. We can now resume posting more great stuff!


Update: Potential Legal Problems?

It has been brought to our attention that the name of this blog, LEGO Nerd Blog, could bring us down, as it includes the word ‘LEGO’, the name of the company around which this blog is based! Though there is a disclaimer on the home page, legal problems could arise if there is any monetary flow through this site. For now, we have to postpone all new content until we have sorted this out. To solve this problem, we have been working on purchasing a domain with a brand new name. We know that the last switch was very recent; but unfortunately, we just don’t have a choice. There will be automatic redirects from each page on this site to the new one, so you can still keep the old browser bookmark link. We’re coming up with unique names and options that will set this blog apart from everything else on the world wide web, and working as quickly as possible. Don’t worry: we’ll soon get right back to producing amazing content for LEGO Nerds everywhere!

Update: Builders Page

Recently, BrickStuddy.com has been featuring more and more MOCs from a variety of builders; each of whom have a bio on the former Members page. Some of them, however, are not “members” per se, but do indeed contribute their MOCs. So now, the Members page has been renamed the Builders page, and will feature the same bios as before.

Update: Spiked Stats

Over the last several days, the blog has experienced an increased number of visitors and views; the week started with under 100 views, but by today we have well over 800 views from over 100 visitors from 17 different countries around the world! Thanks to everyone who has checked out the blog!

Here are some stastical images, showing the number of views from each country. The map shows the countries with the most views from light orange (few views) to dark orange (the most views). Normally only the administrator can see this, but I figured this was worth sharing. Thank you! ūüôā

By the way, I think we’ve finally settled on a format/theme for the blog that works best. We’ll see if we find anything better.


Update: Old Site Shutdown

The old site is officially going to shut down November 24th, 2016. The home page is now a static page, on which is information leading previous viewers here. The MOCs linked from Brickster_Tim’s LEGO Ideas Projects still remain on individual posts, yet there is no way to access them except from the Projects themselves; so site navigation has been eliminated. On the menu bar, you will find a countdown to the shut down day.

Update: New Site!

As mentioned before on an update on the old LEGO¬†Nerd 98 site, the site is now switched to this one. All of the great content there is now available here, with a few new things. The blog is no longer restricted to just Brickster_Tim’s MOCs and Building Tips & Tricks, but now is open to any and everyone’s MOCs and such. These people¬†who will contribute to the blog will be posted up on the new “Builders” page. There’s also new logos!

Update: Site Renovation!

I’ve added 4 pages to the website, as you’ve probably already seen. There’s a Welcome page, MOCs page, Tips & Tricks, and (of course) updates. I’ve been playing around with web formats lately, and haven’t quite found the right one to accommodate this new adjustment.¬†But still, I’ve been working with navigation and it should be pretty easy to find what you want here. Also, there’s a new site logo, as you’ve definitely seen, and a new tagline. It almost seems like it’s a whole new site now! If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please please PLEASE feel free to comment, or contact me via the form¬†on the new Welcome¬†page.