Update: Shutting Down Store

Unfortunately, I don’t have time or the resources right now to maintain the store, so I’ve had to shut it down. All of the listings have been removed on Bricklink and eBay, and the Master Builder membership is no longer available (since we can’t give out coupons). Sorry about all this.


Update: Retirement of Schedule

Toward the end of June or early July, our limited staff was unable to maintain the schedule of weekly LEGO Set Highlights, weekly MOC Highlights, and weekly Quick-Brick Fun Facts, as some fans may have noticed. Now, officially, we have dissolved the schedule and now will post random LEGO Set Highlights and Quick-Brick Fun Facts independently of a weekly basis. We will continue in this manner until we can acquire more staff members, and decide whether or not to resume the weekly schedule.

Update: LEGO Ideas Top 50 List is Dead

Following the drastic changes to the LEGO Ideas website on September 8th, the Elite 50 page has been shut down, because ideas.lego.com has their own list now. Speculation is that LEGO Ideas saw the interest in the Elite 50 list here on BrickStuddy.com, and decided to follow suit. With this new feature on the website, the Elite 50 List is extraneous and no longer necessary.

Update: New Public LEGO Ideas Forum

There is a brand new forum on the Forums page exclusively for users of LEGO Ideas who want to talk with their friends and don’t want to clutter up the comment sections on projects. The moderators on the LEGO Ideas site have been more busy than they used to, cleaning up projects when users leave many comments. So this forum has been created to releave the moderators and help out. You can visit the new forum here.

Update: LEGO Ideas Top 50 List

The team at BrickStuddy.com have put together a unique list of the top 50 users (in Clutch Power Points) from ideas.lego.com. On the LEGO Ideas website, only the top 10 users are visible; but with this new ‘Elite 50’ list, LEGO Ideas users are able to see a larger leaderboard. There is a whole new page devoted to the Elite 50 List, found here, and on the menu bar at the top of the BrickStuddy site pages.

Update: Welcome Page & Contact Us Page

The Welcome page has new stuff added to it! There’s a Creation of the Week, Quick-Brick Fun Fact of the Week, the latest Update, and (coming soon) LEGO Set of the Week. The new Quick-Brick Fun Fact is a new feature completely, as it has interesting facts about The LEGO Group, LEGO parts, and more.¬†The LEGO Set of the Week is also new, and features fascinating information about that LEGO Set. Because the Welcome page has these new things, we’ve had to switch the contact form to an all-new Contact Us page devoted entirely to helping builders with anything they need.