Update: New Store and Subscriptions!

A lot has happened over the weekend! BrickStuddy.com now has a Bricklink store, where we have posted some brand new LEGO sets at great discounts. Also, we have a new ‘Get Started‘ page where new users can find information on how to get their MOCs featured on the site, and become a Builder. Speaking of which, now users have the option of becoming a Master Builder! By paying only $2.50 per month, they not only have the power to post their own MOCs, but they also get $5 monthly coupons to the new shop…it’s a great deal!


MOC: Mitre 10 Hardware Store

Another day, another hardware store.

The building style is based on Federation era building (early 20th century) plus some inspiration from 2008 Town Plan. LEGO City has been missing humble retail stores of all sort, this particular model could made to serve in City or Modular ranges.

On display, there are painting accessories and lawn mower spares…..plus if you need a key cut there is a cutting machine by the front counter. The counter uses a 2×3 cupboard with a single drawer. There are also hardware fixtures and plumbing parts, including toilet seats on the gondola. Stickers applied to tiles would act as merchandise hanging on the wall like just like real merchandise hangs on peg board in a real hardware store. An updated image includes a paint tinting machine.

You could use the same blue and white for Mica in the U.K. or red and white for True Value in the U.S.A. – using also the correct coloured logos and merchandise stickers.
Also this could be made into a modular design if you wish as well.


Want to see this creation as a LEGO Set? It is currently up for voting on LEGO Ideas! Be one of the 10,000 pioneers and vote for free here: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/153672

MOC by Lightningtiger

Update: Retirement of Schedule

Toward the end of June or early July, our limited staff was unable to maintain the schedule of weekly LEGO Set Highlights, weekly MOC Highlights, and weekly Quick-Brick Fun Facts, as some fans may have noticed. Now, officially, we have dissolved the schedule and now will post random LEGO Set Highlights and Quick-Brick Fun Facts independently of a weekly basis. We will continue in this manner until we can acquire more staff members, and decide whether or not to resume the weekly schedule.

Update: LEGO Ideas Top 50 List is Dead

Following the drastic changes to the LEGO Ideas website on September 8th, the Elite 50 page has been shut down, because ideas.lego.com has their own list now. Speculation is that LEGO Ideas saw the interest in the Elite 50 list here on BrickStuddy.com, and decided to follow suit. With this new feature on the website, the Elite 50 List is extraneous and no longer necessary.

MOC: Rumble at the Ruin

In a futuristic ruined world, a group of creepy marauders, in impractical gas guzzling war machines, attack a ruined building…

Fire the cannons on The Wrecker at the ruin, blast stuff with the cannons on the motorcycle, eat all the food in the fridge in the ruined building, fight off the marauders, and graduate college… Two of these have nothing to do with the set…

This set features a large tank car (‘The Wrecker’),  huge flaming motorcycle, ruined building, cannon, and 9 minifigures (5 marauders, 4 survivors).

Want to see this creation as a LEGO Set? It is currently up for voting on LEGO Ideas! Be one of the 10,000 pioneers and vote for free here: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/150236

MOC by FatTroll


Update: New Public LEGO Ideas Forum

There is a brand new forum on the Forums page exclusively for users of LEGO Ideas who want to talk with their friends and don’t want to clutter up the comment sections on projects. The moderators on the LEGO Ideas site have been more busy than they used to, cleaning up projects when users leave many comments. So this forum has been created to releave the moderators and help out. You can visit the new forum here.

MOC: 3-in-1 Villa, Bungalow, and Apartment

“I had this idea in LEGO Creator Style editing the Steven Grant’s Villa, brought in my project Moon Knight. The villa’s interior is very similar to the previous project, but I have modified to build with the same bricks, three different buildings. For my project I used only the basic colors present in LDD program.”

Design Features:

1) Villa. This construction consists of 470 bricks. Includes 2 minifigures, 1 cat and a quad. You can open the house to access the five rooms. In the lower floor there are the hall, the kitchen and living room. In the upper floor there are the bathroom, bedroom and access to terrace. The terrace is equipped with sun lounger, coffee table and parasol. The garden is equipped with awning, silk, barbecue, table and chair for outdoor dining.

2) Bungalow. Total bricks 283. Includes 2 minifigures which a gardener with lawnmower tractor and a cat. As a typical bungalow ideal for camping holidays at sea and in the mountain, it is equipped with every comfort. In the garden there is a comfortable lounge chairs and a small but practical outside bathroom. Opening the building, you can see on the left the bedroom followed by the kitchen with stove. On the right there is the living room. On the side of the bungalow behind the outside bathroom there is a bench for the relaxing.

3) Apartment. Total 300 bricks. Includes 2 minifigures, 1 cat and a lawnmower. A simple garden with a grill and a comfortable bench. Inevitable is the presence of the mower for the lawn care. Opening the building you notice at the bottom the kitchen and the bathroom, at the top there is the bedroom with a lovely fireplace and acces to the small balcony.

“The feature of my project is that with just one product, you have 3 kinds of creative construction and fun.” – FranzPlus

Want to see this creation as a LEGO Set? It is currently up for voting on LEGO Ideas! Be one of the 10,000 pioneers and vote for free here: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/118884/

MOC by FranzPlus

Update: LEGO Ideas Top 50 List

The team at BrickStuddy.com have put together a unique list of the top 50 users (in Clutch Power Points) from ideas.lego.com. On the LEGO Ideas website, only the top 10 users are visible; but with this new ‘Elite 50’ list, LEGO Ideas users are able to see a larger leaderboard. There is a whole new page devoted to the Elite 50 List, found here, and on the menu bar at the top of the BrickStuddy site pages.

MOC: BrickTop PC

Scroll down for a chance to get your own FREE copy of this set!

Introducing the BrickTop PC, the latest masterpiece in Brickster_Tim’s popular NerdTech Series! Created solely as a LEGO Ideas project, this brick-built laptop is the sleekest, smoothest, and one of the most realistic laptops on the site. It is constructed with over 900 bricks, and is 23.6 studs x 33 1/6 studs x 9 1/6 bricks, and weighs only 1.46 lbs. The laptop’s hinges are built just right, so that there’s enough friction to keep the laptop closed or open, but not too much so that it’s easy to open, revealing the features inside. The fully customizable screen has plenty of space to build whatever images you want, the printed and custom-colored keys are actually pressable (via the incredibly clever use of rubber bands), the mousepad has two buttons and a scroll bar, there are two speakers, and 7 extra buttons toward the top. On the outside, you can place the included brick-built thumbdrive in the snap-in USB ports, or place your headphone connection in either of the headphone jacks.

The model is full of tricky techniques and building styles that could put any builder to the test. The most difficult part is suspending 33 rubber bands between tiny stud plates, hidden between the keyboard and the 8×16 tiles. Besides all of that, there’s quite an assortment of light and dark bluish gray parts, as well as the lettered and numbered 1×1 tiles. The set is perfect for display, honing building skills, and even playing with!

Want to see this creation as a LEGO Set? It is currently up for voting on LEGO Ideas! Be one of the 10,000 pioneers and vote for free here: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/6f6c9aa8-5ac8-41cc-9774-31a45d59564c/

If this becomes a set , whoever supports and comments on this project at ideas.lego.com with the keyword “brick” will be automatically entered in a drawing to win their own copy of this set!

MOC by Brickster_Tim



Quick-Brick Fun Fact 9

Did you know…?

The LEGO supervillian Ogel was the nemesis of the Alpha Team for 5 years (2001-2005, the entire span of the Alpha Team theme). Interestingly, the name ‘Ogel’ is the backwards spelling of the word ‘LEGO’, as the evil character is supposed to represent the opposite of fun, play, and happiness.