MOC: Dodge Challenger SXT

Rule the roads with the all-new 1:16 scale 2016 Dodge Challenger SXT! This brick-built version of the popular sports car truly lives up to its name, as its 1869-piece construction is filled with many unusual parts and tricky techniques. The entire building experience is perfect for sharpening your skills, learning new tricks, and just having fun as you create so many features and functions in your car. Under the opening hood, you’ll find the 3.6L VVT engine replica and complex-looking mechanical system, including fluid tanks and caps, plus a battery. Open the doors to take a seat in the detailed interior, complete with steering wheel, gear shifter, cup holders, air vents, knobs and dials, speedometer and tachometer, brake pedal, accelerator pedal, parking brake pedal, display screen, and back seats accessible by the folding front seats. Besides all this, you have an opening trunk, accurate styling, headlights, blinkers, the distinct back lights, custom license plate and other prints, fuel cap, adjustable mirrors, unique angled sides, exhaust pipes, and much more. With all of this awesomeness, this is a must-have sets for any car or LEGO fan!

Grab the handle of the opening door, adjust your seat and mirrors, rev your powerful engine, and take off down the street, on your way to another adventure in your Dodge Challenger!

MOC by Brickster_Tim


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