MOC: 1950’s Custom Sedan

Featured in the Modular Toy Shop, the custom-designed 1950’s-style Sedan from Stud Nerd Engineering is the perfect addition to any LEGO City. With superb and accurate detailing, complex building structure, and beautiful styling, this classic vehicle cruises the streets with ease. Each of the three sedans is about 130 pieces, and easily fits a minifigure in the driver’s seat. Each one also has 4 headlights and 4 tailights, silver-colored bumpers, opening trunks, and license plates; plus a design that allows simple customization, such as the addition of an engine block as in the case of the Red Sedan. If you are an old-fashioned vehicle afficionado, or just like cool-looking cars, this is a must-have for any and all car lovers.


MOC by Brickster_Tim


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