Update: Potential Legal Problems?

It has been brought to our attention that the name of this blog, LEGO Nerd Blog, could bring us down, as it includes the word ‘LEGO’, the name of the company around which this blog is based! Though there is a disclaimer on the home page, legal problems could arise if there is any monetary flow through this site. For now, we have to postpone all new content until we have sorted this out. To solve this problem, we have been working on purchasing a domain with a brand new name. We know that the last switch was very recent; but unfortunately, we just don’t have a choice. There will be automatic redirects from each page on this site to the new one, so you can still keep the old browser bookmark link. We’re coming up with unique names and options that will set this blog apart from everything else on the world wide web, and working as quickly as possible. Don’t worry: we’ll soon get right back to producing amazing content for LEGO Nerds everywhere!


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