MOC: BrickPhone

Everyone has a smartphone…but who do you know has a BrickPhone? This rare creation is the first that’s actually realistic and the actual size of a real smartphone! It has volume buttons on the side, a power button on the top, a home button on the front, a front camera, mini speakers on the bottom, and is completely customizable! Want a smooth back to your phone? Maybe a studded back to build your own custom design? Or, you can have a blend of both; all three options are provided! You can also make your own “apps”, with over 100 extra pieces to make your phone truly yours. With a cool grey color scheme and super realistic design, this is a LEGO set that is fun to build, play with, or simply display. It’s light, cheap, and (the best part) doesn’t run out of battery!

Be sure to check out the latest verison of the BrickPhone: the BrickPhone 2.1!

MOC by Brickster_Tim


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