Tips & Tricks 4: The Hidden Stud on a Tile

The Tile piece is among the most popular of the decorative parts. It comes in all shapes and sizes, and has been the palette for many a sticker or printed detail over the years. When it comes to versatility however, the tile is pretty limited; because the one characteristic that is maintained throughout all of the tiles is NO STUDS. But wait: there is one and only one tile that stands out from this qualification.


So which tile is it? Unfortunately, this particular piece was discontinued after 2011 and replaced by a more generic version. But it still exists, and if you still have it you’ll be able to exploit this unusual feature…


The tile is one you are probably quite familiar with: the 2×2 Round Tile. Here is an image of the new one on the left and the old one on the right:


As you can see, there is a remarkable difference between the two. The new one was made probably because the studs attached to the tile needed more friction.

I usually use LEGO Digital Designer to simulate bricks, as it is easy to build a model and to use a rendering program to make a clearcut image. But this trick is so unusual that LDD doesn’t even allow it. So, I had to use MLCAD 3.5 for this discovery:


The diagonals forming the cross section in the middle also happen to be the exact diagonals of the inside of a 1×1 brick or plate, so that the little piece fits quite snugly on the inside of the tile. There’s our hidden “stud”!


This trick creates a whole new style of detailing, with a secure means to attach this tile. For example: it is great for miniature builds, as it makes cute little stand for whatever mini model you want.


You can also attach a 1×1 tile w/ clip on it, allowing more secure attachement to a bar.


Psst…here’s another little tip: the cross section of the tile also allows you to put a 1×2 studded surface on the back, like this:


Building Technique by Brickster_Tim



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