Tips & Tricks 3: Sorting Pieces

Any MOC builder at any level wants to organize their parts. Many builders organize by color, which is a great idea if you know exactly what parts you have. It’s also a good idea if you want to reassemble LEGO sets. But if you have a large collection of assorted parts, you need a more efficient way to organize your pieces. Brickster_Tim has discovered a way to organize that is both inclusive of all kinds of parts, and optimal for MOC builders everywhere.


Some devoted collectors and MOC builders have incredibly large part collections, and organize their parts individually by type. Since not many builders have such an inventory nor the storage luxury, Brickster_Tim’s original Sorting System sorts parts by type, but not as specifically. Each category is easy to remember, use, and sort parts; even new kinds of parts will find a home.

So you don’t have hundreds or even thousands of tiny drawers or boxes to put every kind of brick into. With this system, you only need a few dozen units! The current number is 37, but that could change as the system is ever developing and The LEGO Group makes new parts.


Enough talk. Let’s get sorting!

See complete Sorting System

Have a part that’s not specified on the list, and want some answers? Give a special request below in the comments, or via the contact forum!

Building Technique by Brickster_Tim




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