Tips & Tricks 1: Wall Styling…with car fenders?

On the Modular Toy Shop MOC, you may spot wall detailing on the front, that features car fender pieces. It also has a couple of 1×1 with clip on top pieces, right in between the mirrored fenders. So how does that work? Let’s walk through it.


This is a computer-generated cutout of one of the four wall sections on the front of the building, with this feature.



1) Put two 1×4 brackets opposite one another, to form a 2×4 stud surface. 2) Then, grab a 2×2 tile w/ one stud, and place it in the middle of the 2×4, this way:


3) Put a 1×2 tile w/ one stud on either side, with a 1×1 tile w/ clip on top on each.


The brackets should be holding together alright; but for increased durability, 4) put a 1×2 plate on the underside of each bracket, then two 1×1 w/ closed clips w/ studs in between the two, like this:



Now, each fender has a brick, with the fender being 1 2/3 bricks high from the top of its studs. 5) Place a fender on top of each bracket. 6) Then, on each fender, put a 1×2 tile w/ one stud, and 2 pin joiner round parts on the studs. See how nicely the ends of the fenders come together at the clip pieces?


7) A 1×1 brick (or an equivalent, such as the round brick in the image) and 1 stud go on the tiles. 8) Put 2 half length pins on one side, one in each joiner, but leave the joiners on the opposite side empty.


9) Put a 2×2 plate w/ pin hole on the top and bottom.




Now you have a workable wall section (with studs on top and holes on bottom) that you can build around! You can put whatever you want in between the fenders. On the MOC, there’s just a 1×4 plate, 2 1×1 plates, and a 1×4 tile there to make a stylish color scheme (see first image). Of course, as with many LEGO techniques, this does not only apply to walls. For example, it could also be used as an awesome exhaust vent on a spaceship! Who knows….

Building Technique by Brickster_Tim



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