MOC: Ancient Chima Stronghold

This is the ultimate Chima fortress: the Ancient Chima Stronghold! With eight minifigures, Eagle and Raven Scout Flyers, Wolf and Croc Bikes, and Gorilla Tank, this octagonal mountain fortress features underground protected Chi cache with vehicle garage, opening Chi-powered portcullis, working elevator, firing turrets, weapons rack, and more! The scout flyers have fold-up wings so that they can fit securely behind the walls. The garage underground has room for both bikes and the gorilla tank, and tool racks.

“This was created for a LEGO Legends of Chima building challenge in the September-October Club Magazine. The prize was a giant box filled with 25 2015 Legends of Chima sets, with over 10,000 pieces! I definitely wanted to put a lot of effort into this MOC so that I could win.” – Brickster_Tim

MOC by Brickster_Tim

Ancient Chima Stronghold (1)

Ancient Chima Stronghold


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