MOC: AR-15

Behold: the life-size, multi-functioning, brick-built AR-15! As a full length model of the classic military rifle, it has many functions and realistic features, including: angled handle with brick-built grip, working trigger, removable magazine, safety switch, cocking mechanism, sight on barrel, adjustable sight (just turn the gear and it moves forward or backward), anti-jamming button, and tactical rail on barrel. Also included are a scope, sight, tactical handle with grip, and grenade launcher with working trigger. You can attach the grenade launcher to the tactical rail, or attach the handle anywhere on the rail; just like the real thing. As you scroll down through the photos, you can see the intricate internal structure (pardon the poor choice of colored bricks), with plenty of unique building techniques employed to perfect the design. The incredible weight and sheer size of the thing required extra bricks to keep it together and to ease stress on critical parts.

“This creation is one of my all time favorites. It took me months to complete and was constructed with over 3,000 pieces.” – Brickster_Tim

MOC by Brickster_Tim

AR-15 (1)


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