MOC: Sandwich Shoppe

Try out this quaint corner shoppe and see what lovely sandwiches it has to offer! With a removable roof for quick access, minifigures can easily enter the cleverly-built, angled door and sit down at one of the several tables atop a red-tiled floor. Pick from the many tiny condiments in the bin, take some bread from the huge stack, even grill it on a stove in the back, and deliver it over the counter to satisfy hungry minifigures from all over the LEGO city!

“I made this because I love making little buildings with which people can put together their own unique LEGO city. With sandwiches rarely being sold in LEGO City sets, I figured the brick-built citizens could use a little joy packed between two slices of bread. The cars I built were mainly for decorative effect; but perhaps they would be a good addition to this set.” – Brickster_Tim
MOC by Brickster_Tim


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