MOC: Escort

In your everyday spaceway travels, you might hear a rumbling and a huge thundering mass go by. That would be the N.W.E.S. Escort. As the first in the New World Explorer series, this pioneer cruiser was made primarily as a cargo ship, but evolved into a defense craft, designed to last a long time in space with a minimal crew. Also, as the name designates, it serves as an “escort” and guard ship for the larger and more important ships in the fleet. Designed for defense rather than offense, it has heavy weapons systems composed of launching rockets and cannons on each wing, secondary poseable wings/turrets with cannons and virtually full range of motion, gunners and pilot/navigator station, as well as huge engines, secondary thrusters, a fold-out ladder going up to the opening maintenance hatch, opening rear bay door, fuel tanks, separate rooms with Sleep Units (v1), and weapons racks. With incredibly realistic sci-fi detailing along the side, it also has removable roofs and panels to access the interior, and opening cockpits and hatches for full access to the detailed controls!

“I made this because at the time I had never made a large-scale sci-fi creation. Actually, I had not really made anything this big before. In my opinion, it turned out beautifully for a first.” – Brickster_Tim

MOC by Brickster_Tim


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