MOC: Starlight

The N.W.E.S Starlight is a bright, eye-catching cruiser designed as an attack ship for the New World Exploration Fleet. It was the first and only ship built to run mostly on energy rather than fuel, with a large blue generator in the back. It cannot last very long without recharging and refueling, so it is mostly sent on the quick missions and flights. It still has some v2 Sleeping Units, just in case the trip goes longer than expected. Besides that, it still presents many other features, such as: huge primary engines, 2 secondary engines, big side laser cannons, front cannons, poseable turrets, an opening side door, opening cockpits and windows, a collapsible radar, control center, tool and weapon racks, robot recharge station, gunners controls, seat that raises up to the gunner’s level, pilot’s controls, doors to lead to the generator and to the exit chamber–all under removable roofs.

“When I started building this, I originally wanted to rebuild the ‘Escort’. But, as I went along, I got new ideas and used recently acquired clear dome pieces and white wing pieces to build something similar yet much different. Presenting a more streamlined look, this one took unique pieces and building techniques to complete.” – Brickster_Tim

MOC by Brickster_Tim



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